Sunday, June 1, 2008

Thing 8....

The way I surf the internet has now officially changed due to the RSS feeds. I kinda knew what they were about, but I didn't know exactly where and how to get the feeds. Now all the sites that I always check up on, will all be updated on my google reader. That's pretty cool. I think this will save me a lot of time of having to go back and forth through all the pages. Now I might have time to mow the lawn......hey wait a minute!!!
I'm thinking of using this for sorts of things. The first thing that comes to mind is tracking the weather. When we study weather, we can use the rss feeds and focus on the updates and focus on real time learning. Sounds like fun already.


WonderWeiss said...

I read your later post about responding to posts, so I thought I would respond to a post. Since this is where I am, I will respond here.

RSS feeds are like a miracle to me! I feel that I actually will have less time for housework now that I know about RSS, I've spent the last hour (minus 15 minutes for reading and rocking) looking for new sites to add to my reader, and I'm just getting started!

UltimateTeacher said...

Wonderweiss, I do have to say that the only downfall of having an RSS feeder is actually limiting myself on adding sites. I was up late last night adding all kinds of new sites, while my wife was not too happy. I guess I should have read the fine print.