Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thing 12...

I always enjoy reading what everyone has to say. Even if we disagree, I still enjoy reading where that person is coming from. This time around, I discovered how important leaving comments are. I feel like a student who has just turned in a paper, and waiting to find out what my teacher has to say about it. Therefore, it does help to bring in others who don't normally leave comments (a.k.a YOU) by inviting them in.
I'm also going to start responding more to those who have left comments. I feel that's just like sending thank-you notes to those who have given you gifts at a party. It can be a bit of drag, but for those who gave the gifts, might find it very warming and welcoming. Those who leave comments like to also know that what they wrote has actually been read. So that's going to be keeping me busy now for the duration of the summer. Which reminds me, I need to send those thank you cards out from my wedding......5 years ago.


VWB said...

Yes, bloggers do appreciate knowing that folks are reading! so here is a comment from one blogger to another..I am enjoying your take on the adventure.

Congrats on the new baby coming..My November baby will be 27!!

UltimateTeacher said...

I've actually been going back and commenting back on everyone who has commented on my posts. So thanks for putting this together, I have really enjoyed learning something new, every day.

Yeah... Nov. babies are something else. We'll know if it's a boy or a girl at the end of month. Now when metioned your baby, where you refering to your baby being born on November 27, or being 27 years old?