Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I just saved my school $1,000!!!!!

Well....not really. But I was really proud of myself for being able to finally sit down and solve this troublesome problem. My principal had the great notion of placing me in charge of the webpage, and the newsletter. Well...everything was going great until I needed to change my publisher files (which my newsletters are on) to PDFs.

I looked everywhere to solve this step. My school doesn't have adobe, and since I don't have one either, I had to ask another teacher to do it for me. After a few issues I placed the issues on hold and didn't get back to it until just yesterday.....That was when I found this site....

You just simply upload your document and provide an email address so that they can send it back to you....FOR FREE!!! I was a little happy because the week earlier, my principal informed that in order to purchase the site license for the Adobe Creative Suite, she would needed to pay $1,000. Wow....

In case you ever come across this similar problem, I hope you won't make the mistake that we almost did. Enjoy...and let me know how it works for you.


VWB said...

although I'm not a huge fan of pdf documents, there are times when it is necessay ...and this is great info!!

I think I saw info about this sail past me "awhile back" but glad to have it here so nicely condensed and explained! and in a place I know I can find again!!

Mendy said...

You might also want to consider Cute pdf writer - it installs as a "printer" and "prints" your documents to a pdf file.

It is not a Web 2.0 tool, but it is mighty nifty.

Here is the link:

UltimateTeacher said...

I just tried Cute PDF, and it's also another great option to choose from.

I love how you can solve all your problems with just a search on the internet.