Friday, September 12, 2008

Six steps for better schools...

Make no mistake about it, there needs to be a change in the education system in the United States. Teachers are unhappy with not only their pay, but also the lack of respect, materials, supplies, and the day to day stress that just comes along with the job. This editorial from Florida's Tresure Coast & Palm Beaches offers some suggestions on improvement:

District Officials -

Raise entry-level salaries

Provide real advancement opportunities

Pay bonuses for teaching in the toughest schools

Teacher Unions -

Negotiate new salaries pegged to performance

Loosen tenure rules

Remove certification barriers

What do you think of these ideas? I do feel that just because you are an experienced teacher doesn't always mean that you are an effective teacher. Do you feel that with these steps in place that more effective teachers are going to remain in the workforce?

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Peach Pod said...

The one that I thought was most interesting was, "Pay bonuses for teaching in the toughest schools." Our county is one of 'haves' and 'have nots.' I work in the 'have not' school. My peers in the other schools do not deal with students carrying knives to class, being attacked by students, taking street drugs away from children, having pregnant 13 year-olds sitting in their room or being cursed out on a daily basis. They deal with parents that are participants in their children's education. We, on the other hand, find that all 5 phone numbers listed in a student's file are disconnected. I've attended a parent conference where the parent was stoned out of her mind.

We are held to the same standard as our peers with standardized tests, but have a extremely different demographic. We have over 70% free lunch where the next closest school has 34%. I have 7 students who don't speak English. I have peers who teach at other schools who don't have one students who doesn't speak English.

Should we all get the same pay? Are we really doing the same job?

Many would suggest that the teachers at the tougher school are there because they couldn't get a job anywhere else. This is not the case. I myself have been offered a position at the best school at the county. Have I taken it? Not yet. I'm fighting an internal battle with what would be easier for me and being with kids that really need me.