Thursday, March 26, 2009

Share, until you can't share anymore.....

I heard this quote pretty much sums up my first year teaching experience...."We are all in this....ALONE". Meaning, that as teachers we all might have the same problems and struggles but we all tend to deal with it, with our doors closed. Which is exactly what we should never do.

Vicki Davis, has made a great post about how we as bloggers should continue with our posts. It's very easy to get overworked, with normal (and un-normal) paperwork as well as with our own personal lives. Sometimes we might even push aside our blog postings to the back burner and without even knowing it we have inadvertently effected the lives of other on-line teachers.

I realize that I have become a much more effective teacher because of all the great bloggers who have shared their experiences. Teachers who took the time to share what worked well for them, and even what frustrated them to pieces. I love hearing all the different tools and new techniques that are used to solve similar problems that I go through. It's through blogging that I am able to help others who I normally wouldn't see or talk to. By blogging I am able to open up my door and allow the world to see how I am able to solve and handle my problems.

So take a moment and think about how your contributions have been going. Do you think you can contribute either as a blogger or a commenter on a somewhat more consistent basis? I know I'm going to step up my postings and comments and do my part to help share ideas across this online world.

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Anonymous said...

In college we were expected to keep journals of our experiences in almost all classes. We were highly discouraged (as we are now by our district) from the Internet period. I feel that blogging is a great way to share positive experiences but we should also give some opportunity to share the tough times. As a second year teacher, one of my biggest struggles has been being able to vent and acknowledge the negative stuff. Expressing any negative emotions or experiences is taboo and is considered a sign of an inefficient teacher. I think this is why we burn out.